TMS Granite Shot

2 of 3 shots. This one was more of a research and experimentation in terms of visual style. The car was initially rendered in red but I wasn’t happy with the way it blended on environment’s look and feel so I changed it into silver in post production phase. For the environment I worked around a stock footage that unfortunately was too narrow for the landscape ratio and I had to artificially enlarge it with some matte painting techniques. The quote illustrated belongs to Nikola Tesla which for me it feels a very honest and inspiring one.

1st Shot Roof(Carbon) : HERE
3rd Shot Seaside : HERE

Software used:

3ds max, V-Ray, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects



3D modeling, texturing, lighting & shading, rendering and post production.


Completion date:

21st September 2015








TMS Breakdown from George Manolache on Vimeo.