About Me

Hi, I’m George, a self-taught CG Artist, focused on photorealism and top quality CGI.

Software skills

3ds Max ( 85% )

V-Ray ( 75% )

FStorm ( 70% )

ZBrush ( 65% )

Photoshop ( 90% )

After Effects ( 60% )

Nuke ( 65% )

Mari ( 50% )

Substance Painter ( 60% )

Substance Designer ( 45% )


I’m from a Transilvanian city called Brasov and…vampires…are just…real CGI 😉


Having more than 10 years experience as a generalist, I handle projects on many areas of expertise: from Storyboarding and Art Direction, 3D Modeling & Sculpting, Texturing, Shading & Lighting to final Compositing and Post Production. Always an automotive passionate, I enjoy achieving quality results in other fields as well. As you will notice from my work, attention to details is my main ingredient. I am a technical person, a computer Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Automations and Applied Informatics but I have focused my attention to Art since childhood. Mixing two fields like Art and Engineering might sound weird for some, but everything in essence is math!


Since I believe one can learn from anybody, I am always opened to suggestions and advices, so if you have anything to say, don’t hesitate to leave me a message.

Thanks for visiting!