BMW Shift Concept

is the first user-customizable car. Since it is impossible for a design to be on everyone’s taste, this concept comes helping in this direction. Shift is an electric roadster with the possibility of changing the front/rear aspect by shifting through some factory “Skin” presets or the user can create his own custom ones. Front, back end and wheel rims are LED displays that allows you to change the way your car looks, in order to reflect your personality easier. On this concept I took as inspiration the 328 Hommage and GINA concepts. I wanted to go into a more luxury and classy area but still keeping a race car tint. Retro-futurism can be noticed here as well.

The concept was featured on

Software used:

Photoshop, Illustrator



(100%): Concept idea, Sketching


Completion date:

July 2012